There are various ways to donate or support the Retreat center.

You can support the retreat center in the following ways :

  1. Annual Membership Drive : Membership shall be open to all individuals/organisations upon ones’ will and volition by paying an annual membership fee of Nu. 1000 (Ngulturm One Thousand only)
  2. Voluntarily Donation :  A voluntarily donation, as a single one-time contribution or monthly, quarterly, bi-annually for a period of three years or so.
  3. Support a Retreat/Tsampa :  You can support a retreat (tsampa) for a period ranging from 1 month to 3 years.
  4. Donation in Kind : You can also donate in kind, in terms of clothing, fooding and so on.

If you want to support the center in any way, please contact us at :
Tulku Shedrup
email : [email protected]
phone : +975 1777 7532 / 7777 7532