Rinchen Bumpa Monastery was founded by Guru Rinpoche(Lopen Padma Sambava) in the 8th century. The Rinchen Bumpa Monastery is also called as Rinchen Bumpa Retreat Center and is located in the remote village of Kurtoe, Dungkhar in the eastern district of Lhuentse in Bhutan.


The Monastery is currently under establishment. It is headed by Dhagpo Tulku Shedrup also known as Tulku Shedrup. A retreat center as a part of the monastery is also underway & is mainly for the retreat (tsampa) ranging from a month to 3 years.


Cheoje Gompopa Sonam Rinchen was widely known like a sun among the innumerable disciples of the great Yogi, Jetsun Milarepa. He engaged in vast activities in the interest of Buddha Dharma through infinite emanations.  It is the very nature of noble beings to benefit others through direct and indirect means. Know more >>